Leadership Crews

All Year 6 students work collaboratively in a leadership crew to develop their own leadership potential.

Our Ambassadors run assembly each week, represent the school at the Student Leaders Congress and are pivotal in liasing with the Principal to share new ideas and thoughts.

Creative Crew design playground improvements, display student artwork and sew covers for the icepacks.

Sport Crew organise lunchtime activities for students to participate in, assist at our school athletics sports and cross country events.

Community Crew attend the Healthy Moves forum, run local school community events eg: Anzac Day, Walk to School, PJ day.

Positive Crew introduce character strengths each fortnight. They provide positive affirmations to students and the positive face to our school.

Administration Crew ring the bell each day, run the easter raffle with the Parents Club and assist the office staff with book club.

Environment Crew release rainbow trout at Lake Pertobe, complete a rubbish audit to minimise the use of our bins and organise a ‘Lights Out’ competition to save power.