Personalised Learning

Literacy and Numeracy is at the core of all learning for students. Our School has a strong Early Years Team, who do everything possible to see that students develop their literacy and numeracy skills and feel confident in their first few years of schooling.

We teach using the Victorian curriculum in an engaging, fun and creative way, while harnessing students’ passions and interests. Students have voice and choice in their learning. We use a variety of assessments, such as English Online, Numeracy Online, On-Demand, PAT Reading and NAPLAN to help teachers plan learning and teaching at individual student’s point of need.

A strong emphasis is placed on providing a settled learning environment, with a focus on positive behaviours and mindsets for learning.

Children are encouraged to develop their own special talents with involvement in a variety of extra curricula activities including eisteddfod (public speaking and debating), athletics, cross country, swimming, inter-school sport, bike education, Just Brass, Hands on Learning and Engineering Club.

We involve students in the community through connection projects, representing the school at local RSL Anzac and Remembrance Day services, integrating with artists, Nurdle hunting on our local beaches, Clean Up Australia Day activities, walk to school days, celebrating International Women’s and Men’s Day with the wider community and Kids Teaching Kids projects with a variety of schools.