Prep Transition


We know having a positive start to school is vital for children and their families as the transition from kindergarten to primary school is an exciting and important moment in each child’s life. A successful transition program from kinder to school develops a lifelong love of learning, resilience and wellbeing.

At Merrivale Primary School, we offer three transition visits prior to the state wide transition day to give the children and parents a chance to become familiar with the school facilities and experience fun, engaging learning activities that introduce them to the environment and structure of our school.

Each child has a kind and caring Year 6 buddy who helps them get settled into school life. We also have a parent information night, where you can meet the teachers and principals and other parents of students beginning school.

When your child enrols at Merrivale Primary School, your whole family joins a new community. You all have a chance to make new friends, meet new families and support each other.

Throughout Term One, students have a rest day each Wednesday, which is a great time for students to relax at home and recharge. Children are encouraged throughout our Prep program to develop routines and positive experiences.

They will develop socially, emotionally, physically and academically in a kind, caring and thriving community.